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I went to Priceline , Carindale, Queensland yesterday and I will never go to any Priceline ever again. Incompetent staff too busy chatting to one another rather than attending to their customers or ensuring that items are priced correctly.

An item clearly priced as being $5 appeared on my docket as $12. I was forced to interrupt two staff members ongoing conversation to query why this had happened and was told by a surly unhelpful woman, "that it must have been put in the wrong place".

Here's a thought, stop chatting to other staff members (they had been chatting since I entered the shop about 15 minutes before), do your job and ensure items are not placed in the incorrect place. Also, learn some manners - I was polite at all times, she was not.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm sorry you received terrible service.

I'm also secretly pleased to note that we here in America aren't the only ones who experience the same scenario you described.

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